Monday, September 10, 2007

More Info!

Today was a first for #1 (and therefore for me too). It was her first "DEP Call" (Deferred Enlistment Program) and she had to report to her recruiting station for information and training.

I dutifully dropped her off and went to the mall like all good moms do when trying to stay out of the way. ;) The next thing I know in comes a text message that says "I know my ship date!" Which means she knows when she leaves for basic training. With a gulp I asked... "when?"

"Feb 12,08" was the reply.

I guess since we were thinking it would be January this should feel like no big deal. Wrong. It's exciting, worrisome and frightening all at the same time.When it came time to pick her up she seemed as calm and proud of herself as ever! (Did I mention she has a horrible cold/allergies, cramps and a stye that hit her all at once just yesterday?! LoL poor kid)

Evidently at this "call" she got to salute, stand at attention and received official documents all picture perfectly! Go her! Both of her Sergeants were impressed... so was mom. New to be framed is her Certificate of Enlistment and her official acceptance certificate to the Community College of the Air Force.

Did i mention that i'm proud of her?!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Looking back to Dream Cruise '07

We'd found out that V's application was just accepted - LOVE that look on her face! LOL (Her recruiter, Ssgt. Marunick, can be seen over her right shoulder.)
The USAF NASCAR - retired in 2006 I think...
ONLY recruits got to sit in it!

So guess what?!?! :-D

Mark, Avivah's math tutor for the ASVAB and gentleman par excellance, in front of one HOT Mustang Saleen!

These were taken mid August BEFORE Avivah had taken her ASVABs or announced her enlistment to the world, so I had to wait to post the pics.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

V has joined the...

And i couldn't be more proud of her.