Thursday, January 31, 2008


Do you remember those days in kindergarten when the teacher turned off the lights and you had to put your head down on the desk and "rest a minute"? Do you remember falling asleep doing that more than once? I do. Kindergarten teachers are sneaky that way.

Well .... someone needed a nap today! She was cold (it's 12 here, so go figure!) and so she curled up on the sofa with a thin 'shmateh' over her. I added a thermal blanket because she was still cold and before I knew it she was OUTSVILLE! Cuter yet, Mooch joined her in blissful nappage.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10 day briefing

Just now returned from V and Justin's weigh in and briefing at the recruiting station. We brought two of V's friends with us who are both interested in the AF so it was interesting to listen to their questions and the answers too. Funny, *I* was able to answer a few of them myself.

While we were there Avivah took it upon herself to clean out the storage closet (what she calls 'The Bling Room') and organize everything. I was joking with Ssgt. Marunick that V should be a Supply Chief instead of a Tactical Crew Chief.

Today was also V's last day of working full time. I think that's taking an emotional toll on her, not so much for the mother of the child she was assisting, but for the child. She dearly loves him from the bottom of her heart and will miss him a lot in the coming days. Of course, the coming days will be filled with preparations for celebrating and departure to BMT. It's all good.

For now she's off to the gym and her brother's off at work.. me? I'm grabbing a salad and heading out for a soda with Mark soon. Can't drink anything more than that ~ I start work at 7am tomorrow! Sheesh.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 weeks

Two weeks from today the most beautiful girl in the world will step up and into her new life... on her way to being an Airman in the US Air Force.

This momma's insanely proud of her and very nervous too.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tick Tick Tick