Thursday, December 20, 2007

Go Joshua!

Joshua's dad and I were invited to a special recognition breakfast in honor of several kids, nominated by their teachers who: Made a significant contribution to their school. Joshua was nominated by his Algebra teacher, Mrs. Antoniolli, whom he adores. I was able to be there and SO glad I was too!

It was wonderful watching him (and other kids too, yeah there were others, right?!) accept this certificate. He's made tremendous progress this year and while I thought that the new trimester schedule would help Joshua with his learning issues, I had no idea what a huge opportunity for positive change this would bring. The consistency in his schedule is incredibly helpful.

So here he is being goofy (but proud)...

And here is the certificate...

which reads: "In recognition of valuable contributions and especially for his wonderful attitude and contributions in class. Josh never misses and answer or a homework assignment. His work ethic is admirable and he is a joy to have in class!"


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tommie's Words

From Tommie, one of my AF "list kids". He may not be MY kid, but I feel like I know him well; from his myspace page to the picture album of the wedding. Bear in mind, this young man has just gotten married and seen his wife only 18 days from their wedding date when he was sent to Yakima, Washington to train for deployment to Iraq for 6 months, for which he leaves the end of this month.

He writes: "To make a long story short, I'm a smartass with high morals. My wife is everything to me, followed up by a sense of humour. I'm also very proud of my job. I know that being a member of the armed services is a thankless job, and I get a lot of shit for it. However without people like me, you wouldn't have the freedom to publicly express your opinion. When I'm not working or spending time with my wife, I can probably be found in a good book or a cold beer. It used to be both, but I got tired of spilling beer on my books."

Thanks, Tommie! I'm proud of your job and the person you are.
You have an awesome mom too. ;)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shirtless Fridays

Is a symbolic gesture that our deployed soldiers won't see really doing anything to have an impact on them feeling "supported"?

The Red Shirt Fridays campaign was targeted to support deployed troops. Most shirts read: "Red Shirt Fridays: Until they all come home"
It's an extension of my loathing for those little magnetic rainbows of ribbons (for every cause under the sun) you can stick 10" from your exhaust pipe... it doesn't translate to our soldiers. Sadly, they don't see the back ends of our cars any more than they see what color shirt I'm wearing today.

The Canadians got it right when they had a literal sea of people in red (which is a Nationalistic colour for them) during a political speech - which was televised/taped. They sent a strong message to their government, and their troops got to SEE it. That had impact.

I'm thrilled to see military support in many flavors... and so would our deployed troops... if they could see it.

So the question for me becomes: How do we get them to see/feel/know that they're supported and appreciated?

Paying $20 for a t-shirt is kind of like those $2 yellow rubber bracelets that were all the craze for Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG foundation and caught on as a meaningless middle school fashion statement.

Originally there was some small percentage of funds from the sale of braceletes/magnetic ribbons going to their respective cause. Right now the majority of people who benefit from from the magnetic ribbons are those people who make and market magnetic ribbons - and most of them are now "Made in China"! It's become a business like any other.

If the intent of Red Shirt Fridays is to support EACH OTHER as military parents here in the States then that's great and I'm all for it!! If the intent is to get Americans on a bandwagon to make a political statment, then how and where do you get enough Americans together to show their "Indivisibility" to have impact? Great thought, but how?

We're years (almost 6 *shudder*) into the war in Iraq and Red Shirt Fridays haven't caught on as a 'statement' yet. Could it be that people don't want to appear to support the WAR (I know I don't) and don't know how to support SOLDIERS? I think that's a valid hurdle in looking at functional "shows of support" for our troops.

Unless "Red Shirt Fridays" catch on en masse and we all send pictures, or as the Canadians did, wear them to a particularly high-profile, televised political event, it seems a 'feel good' measure that our kids/soldiers won't see or feel - esp. those who are deployed.

DO something in support of our troops?

YES, I agree. Let's all DO something that's more than 'invisibly symbolic'.
For starters... Let's Vote.

Til then I'm all for shirtless Fridays. At least it'll make the news!

Monday, September 10, 2007

More Info!

Today was a first for #1 (and therefore for me too). It was her first "DEP Call" (Deferred Enlistment Program) and she had to report to her recruiting station for information and training.

I dutifully dropped her off and went to the mall like all good moms do when trying to stay out of the way. ;) The next thing I know in comes a text message that says "I know my ship date!" Which means she knows when she leaves for basic training. With a gulp I asked... "when?"

"Feb 12,08" was the reply.

I guess since we were thinking it would be January this should feel like no big deal. Wrong. It's exciting, worrisome and frightening all at the same time.When it came time to pick her up she seemed as calm and proud of herself as ever! (Did I mention she has a horrible cold/allergies, cramps and a stye that hit her all at once just yesterday?! LoL poor kid)

Evidently at this "call" she got to salute, stand at attention and received official documents all picture perfectly! Go her! Both of her Sergeants were impressed... so was mom. New to be framed is her Certificate of Enlistment and her official acceptance certificate to the Community College of the Air Force.

Did i mention that i'm proud of her?!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Looking back to Dream Cruise '07

We'd found out that V's application was just accepted - LOVE that look on her face! LOL (Her recruiter, Ssgt. Marunick, can be seen over her right shoulder.)
The USAF NASCAR - retired in 2006 I think...
ONLY recruits got to sit in it!

So guess what?!?! :-D

Mark, Avivah's math tutor for the ASVAB and gentleman par excellance, in front of one HOT Mustang Saleen!

These were taken mid August BEFORE Avivah had taken her ASVABs or announced her enlistment to the world, so I had to wait to post the pics.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

V has joined the...

And i couldn't be more proud of her.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stay Tuned

The celebration of Avivah's High School graduation is tomorrow evening here at the house. At that time she's also making her "big announcement" about what she has chosen to do for her college/career/life.

The guesses people have made are almost shocking. I think they're rather a telling reflection of what they think of her. What an odd, odd thing.
What do you think?

So far, people have guessed that she's:
Getting married
Pregnant AND getting married
Becoming a Rabbi
Joining the Peace Corps

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well #1 has made it! Not only that... she sang at commencement, a duet, with choir back-up (kvell *sniff* kvell!) We all survived family dinner at a restaurant after graduation... ended up singing along with the Wizard of Oz! Then #1 had the All-Night Senior Party and arrived home at 5am on the 4th. It was quite a day!