Sunday, August 23, 2009


Not a very good pic, but it's a quick peek at me from yesterday's jaunt with Joshua to opening day of the Michigan Ren fest.

Yep - I live.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning Encounter

As I sat outside enjoying the breeze and cooling temps last evening (after a humid 93 degree day) a thunderstorm approached something fierce! Before I went in the house, around 8:30 when the winds really kicked up, I had to close the coop door for fear that the girls would freak out at the driving rain, lightning and thunderclaps. Usually I let them decide when to come and go from the coop, leaving the door open all night, but no choice this time!

So this morning as I trod out with their morning feed and fresh water, I opened the coop door and greeted them as they ran down their ladder for more space and outstretched wings. I try to spend some time every morning out there communing with them and the garden. It's calming to see them peck and scratch and I love the new sounds they're making and trying out as they grow.

After a minute or two they calmed down to their usual cluck and peck and I turned to check out the garden. Tomato plant looks good and has already provided 10 lovely Romas. But wait, something moved over there... To the north of me, about 40 feet away, were two yearling deer!

I stood still just watching as they lazily grazed on wet grass. Then the one closest to me laid down right there. And there it sat as I moved slowly about my morning garden check, each of us keeping an eye on the other, but not showing any sign of worry or fear. It was a lovely moment.

I may not feel tied to this house with its limits and many physical woes and needs, but I am deeply connected to this patch of earth, for oh so many reasons.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

MORE news

Joshua and I each took Friday off to go to the school he's chosen and see a counselor. Little did we know that the day would be quite so long... or momentous.

It began early as we needed to request transcripts and ACT scores from his former HS, which opened at 7:30. Fortunately, they were able to print official copies and send them with us via sealed envelope.

A quick stop at the enrollment office to verify that his online application was received and we were down the hall to the counseling office - to sit and wait, and wait, and... yeah. More than an hour later we got an older gentleman who we both agreed treated us like children - both of us.

J decided to improve his ACT reading score so he opted to take the placement exam. Off to office number 3. This surprisingly took less time than anticipated and it printed his score right then and there. Score? 100 out of 120, and he only needed a 70. Yay!

Based on this test score the classes selected were registered, paid for (ouch) and we were sent back once more to the counselor to officially record the test score in his student record. (Why they can't do this at enrollment/registration I don't know.)

This time we were in a different line and got called within 5 minutes. This counselor was much more informative, very pleasant and welcoming to Josh. She gave him ideas and options for class selections, and even began a full degree course planning sheet with him.

Satisfied that we had almost everything we needed, we zipped back to enrollment for his student ID card and then to the bookstore for ... um, heart failure!

Each book he needed was more than $100. If he gets a waiver to attend an additional class - that class requires TWO books. OUCH! And yes, before you ask, we checked into used texts too. They're not that much cheaper, really. I took names and ISBN numbers and headed home for a little research. So far research has been fruitful as I saved over $50 on just one of them.
Before we left I took one quick picture.

Behold, Schoolcraft College's newest Ocelot!

Insert very proud "YAY" here.


It's official... Avivah still exists, and I have proof.

There's been an Avivah-sighting in Minot, ND, by someone I trust, to verify it. This picture of three pretty suspicious looking characters in black is the evidence she offers.

I give you (l to r) Corey, AVIVAH, and Awesome WingMom Peggy!

Thanks Peggy, for going out of your way to see my girl and deliver a hug from this mom and all the others who sent one her way. You guys made my day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family News

I only have a minute this morning, so I'll just 'Show & Tell' you....

On Sunday, my sister and her SO, Mike ("boyfriend" sounds too juvenile)and my nephew Hunter, flew into a small local air strip on their way back from Oshkosh, WI where they had been camping for a week at the annual AirVenture show. The first time they had really spent any time together was at this show three years ago and it's been a yearly trek for them since.

Back then he was just beginning the building of his plane. Yesterday it flew in all shiny and painted and... wow. I give you ~ The Slinks! (and Pops and Mom too)

Yes, Slinks. Their cat's name is Slinky, ergo the plane... and logo...

Slinks is a two-seater, so my nephew hopped a ride in their friend Bill's plane. It was really cool watching them both land. Mom & Pops, Julie & Bruce, Hannah & Tillie and J & I went to greet them.

Hunter will be staying here in Michigan for a couple of weeks, but Karen & Mike had to fly back to Maryland and work on Monday. Our time was precious but everyone was hungry so we spent a couple of hours lingering over brunch.

Lots of smiles and stories later ... Karen wanders over to me and in passing shows me her new bauble...

ZOMG!!! (I think I squeeked.) Mike proposed during their time in Oshkosh!!! While in the air!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Karen & Mike!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New chant!

On Thursday evening I learned a new chant!
Thanks, Tisha!
In these times.
In these uncertain times,
I will remain open
To the miracle that is each moment.
Pretty syncopated, but it layers most beautifully in a round. We didn't want to stop! When we finally did... the ritard was in harmony and we all sat still, smiling; the room, and each of us, buzzing. Then of course we all started giggling with delight. DELICIOUS!