Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worrisome Day

Aron, Avivah & Mara have come and gone and are now getting settled in their own home and their own routine apart from the hustle and visits that kept them going here. It's more than bittersweet for this loving Nana, so far away from the grand baby she adores but I'll adjust in time... I hope. :(

I awoke to care for the feathereds this morning to see that all was well though the day was heading to almost 90 (something they don't care for). Water changed, food filled, treats given and coop cleaned, I went about my day.

By 1 this afternoon I had collected one egg (Roxie's), there was diarrhea in the coop and Buffy was looking none too well. Poo on her vent and looking like butt feathers were missing. I pampered, fretted and gave treats like mad to get her to move so I could see the affected area better. Nothing new and no definitive answer.

One of the day's plans could not be moved, so off I went to help a friend with her wedding.

Three hours later I came back to find Buffy still in a bad way, sitting on the nest, coming down for treats, but then going right back up. Red comb and wattles, but No improvement in her poo butt or temperament. I checked websites, books, called a friend who has chickens... No definitive solutions, so I decided to go outside to spend some time observing to see if I could learn more about my poor girl...

Buffy was down pecking and scratching with her sisters! She was clucking normally and other than eating and drinking more than usual, seemed ok!

I checked the coop for bloody stools or other sign of illness to find... Buffy's egg... AT SEVEN PM! She'd been egg-bound all day! I added another water station, made sure there was enough feed and gave them an extra helping of leafy greens. I'm just praying this doesn't become a continuing problem.