Monday, May 31, 2010

Site Review

Thought I'd share my review of with you.

I used nutrition data (.com) to track my food and beverage consumption all day today and found it was a bit of a pain if you're watching every ingredient (add food, save, [or - add "custom foods" when they don't have them preloaded, save], add food to tracking, save, save & analyze, wait for report). It's a better site for label information... then do your own addition!

You also can't export the daily tracking page as anything other than an excel .doc, which is incomplete (lacks the foods list) and is really tough to decipher! The format on the site page is gorgeous! It's easy to understand, thorough and exceptionally well laid out. I only wish it came through that way when emailed.

All in all I prefer the site solely for nutritional information, but for that it can't seem to be beat!