Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's see....

Back in Michigan as of Monday the 22nd (also my sister's Bday)

Worked all day the 23rd

Did house work on the 24th, and later in the evening J and I did our traditional Chinese food and light-looking adventure... except... After eating a heavenly dinner my car was acting funnier than usual. Did we eat that much?!

By the time we reached the Wayne County Lightfest I knew we had a flat tire. I pulled over and the two of us spent a goodly amount of time pulling out the never-been-used jack, the lock-nut ratchet and finding the spare (the book says "If equipped"... IF?!) Good thing it wasn't as cold as it has been. Together J and I figured it all out and got the "doughnut" securely on and off we went light-looking. Whew!

The 25th found us doing nothing all day. My BFF and I went to a small gathering of friends fondly referred to as "Waifmas", where those of us who do not celebrate Christmas or have family nearby socialize and just generally enjoy each other's company. We didn't stay late because both of us had to be up early for work on Friday.

For me, the 26th was a very long and wonderful day. I took T's car while he dealt with the tire situation. My poor car was on the last bit of tire all 'round so 4 new ones were installed. Thank you, T!

Work was enjoyable. J came to work in the back store again, which is always nice. I got a call mid-morning from my sister Karen. At the end of the day when I listened to messages I learned that she was in MICHIGAN! (she lives in MD) Guess it's the season for surprise visits, eh? I dashed out to get J and I home in the nick of time to drop him off and be picked up for an evening show. I had plans for dinner and tickets for WICKED at the opera house in Detroit. (On the way I called Karen and made plans to get together on Sunday.)

Dinner was very good but very slow. The traffic downtown was clogged with theatre-goers and CMU & Notre Dame fans as their teams were playing in last night's MotorCity Bowl. That, and three females needing a potty stop slowed us down a little!

We got to our seats not a moment too soon... The show was fantastic! Sometimes touring shows aren't as good as those with permanent runs, but this one was every bit as good as the cast I saw on the show's home stage in Chicago.

And yes, I proved to myself that when I hear the song "For Good" I still hear Avivah and Drew's voices... and I cry.

Tomorrow is the "family Chanukah brunch", sans my mom and her hubby who are in Israel. Today Joshua and I headed out for a couple of last minute gifts and I wrapped them. J went to a movie with Sam and I made a much needed stop at the grocery store. Now it's laundry and cleaning and packing up the gifts to take to my sister Julie's in the morning. This should be fun!

I still have to upload the pics from my trip, but here's the one V likes the best...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ok - I couldn't think of anything to write last week that didn't slip the secret that I was traveling here to surprise Avivah with a visit!

I'm here, in freezing cold Minot, North Dakota.

The reception I received from my surprise was priceless. She RAN across her girlfriend's living room and embraced me in the longest, tightest hug ever. Her gf tried to get her pic but she buried her face in me and I think, in her disbelief that I was really standing there in her arms... she stopped breathing for a second!

The rest of the evening she kept looking at me like I wasn't real. I just kept smiling and hugging. (and tearing up, like now)

Pics when I have them. Updates when we figure out what we're doing besides staring at each other and hugging.

Much Love to all, from -3 Minot!

Friday, December 12, 2008


In order to keep the blogworld apprised of my relative whereabouts before I go POOF! rather than wondering where I am...

Today is a full day of work ~ and I'm really happy about that!

Tonight's plan is for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert with Joshua and two very close friends of mine. It is the second day of the opening of Leonard Slatkin's term as Director. It marks a change that I hope will be a positive one for the DSO. Slatkin's bio is incredible. He is witty, brilliant and world recognized (how we got him here I'll never know!!)

Although that's amazingly good news, it's not the main reason we're going. Slatkin chose to open his tenure here with my ALL TIME FAVORITE PIECE ~ Carl Orffs' Carmina Burana. Yep, timpani and choir and soloist - all in vast multiples! I'm so excited. And it's going to be a late night. Being a weeknight they don't drop the baton until 8pm. Did I mention I'm excited??

Hey, my license plate says: OH 42NA
I'm a total GEEK for this!

Saturday afternoon will find me holiday shopping with the masses (Yes Hannah & Isabel, I still need to get you something faboo!), plus I need a pair of jeans. Saturday evening I'm out partying with friends. Sunday I promised myself I'd sleep in, and then later I'm seeing friends that are driving up from Ohio.

If I live through all that ~ look for a blog from me on Monday morning! Until then, know that you are loved and that your Airman is always in my prayers, as I know mine is in yours. Enjoy the day and the weekend...

Brightest Blessings,
~ L

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Birthday

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello World!

Yep, I'm alive.

This is what happens when I burn the candle at both ends a bit... something's gotta give. This time it was sitting leisurely and writing here. Sorry!

Time with "da kid" (J) is one of my top priorities. Last week we stayed up late several nights, just hangin' out. Sometimes even with the TV on too. LoL Last night we went for coffee with some friends, but he wasn't feeling well. This morning it's an upset stomach and headache so I'm taking some time to see how bad it gets, see if he needs a Dr. or a Mommy - and writing here.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and fun. Mom, my SIL Sharon and I contributed to the feast that my sister Julie prepared. She made the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and a pie that was to die for. Mom did salad and apple kugel (also to die for). Sharon brought more pies that were OMG good.

Here at the ranch Joshua and Sam made the Cranberry Salsa. Sam baked my Caramel Apple cake recipe (she did well!) and I made the easiest, most delicious cornbread recipe ever. Everything was just delish and the kids - 17, 15, 10, 9 & 3 - played and laughed and had fun.

Until... the little ones decided to play.... HOUSE! Here's where the after dinner heart attack happened.

Mom, Dad and three kids!?

This I can handle... LoL!

And then there was this... OY! Be still my heart

Ok, they were the most adorable things ever, (and they got a real kick out of me choking and fainting dead away on the floor) but I'm SO not encouraging this quite so quickly! Sheesh!

There you have it... I'm back and will, as always, post when I can and have anything of interest to say.

Thanks for reading. ~L