Thursday, December 20, 2007

Go Joshua!

Joshua's dad and I were invited to a special recognition breakfast in honor of several kids, nominated by their teachers who: Made a significant contribution to their school. Joshua was nominated by his Algebra teacher, Mrs. Antoniolli, whom he adores. I was able to be there and SO glad I was too!

It was wonderful watching him (and other kids too, yeah there were others, right?!) accept this certificate. He's made tremendous progress this year and while I thought that the new trimester schedule would help Joshua with his learning issues, I had no idea what a huge opportunity for positive change this would bring. The consistency in his schedule is incredibly helpful.

So here he is being goofy (but proud)...

And here is the certificate...

which reads: "In recognition of valuable contributions and especially for his wonderful attitude and contributions in class. Josh never misses and answer or a homework assignment. His work ethic is admirable and he is a joy to have in class!"


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