Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 weeks

Two weeks from today the most beautiful girl in the world will step up and into her new life... on her way to being an Airman in the US Air Force.

This momma's insanely proud of her and very nervous too.


Anonymous said...

Love your site girlie girl! Its me lilly

Tonjia said...

You have had this blog since the beginning of December and havent shared it with us?? shame! shame!

V looks gorgeous and ready to go into the blue. I am so proud of her. And congrats to J!!!


Debbie in NC said...


Great job on the blog and love the countdown ticker! Beautiful family and keep up the posts, girl!

Lea said...

Thanks Lilly! And whomelse calls me 'girlie girl'?! :)
Tonjia, some of these posts have been stowed in a private blog I've been keeping for about three years now. I didn't collect them here, add to them and announce this blog until recently. Thank you fro the wonderful comments. Go Bre!
And seriously folks, check out Tonjia's blog! The link's on my front page.
Thanks Debbie! Good to hear from you here.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I am so excited and so nervous for her too!! I remember being so crazed when CJ was getting ready to leave. Of course, I'm still worried - guess that doesnt stop!!

Yeah for 16 seconds - those darn blocks get faster - it's so nerve wracking!!