Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Go Buffy!

KUDOS today to our dearest feathered friend, Buffy the Bug Slayer, AKA: Buffy, who today laid her very first egg. It's a lovely pinkish tan, exactly as I was hoping.

Not to be left out of bloggy-world, I never posted RockStar's (Roxie) first egg, which was laid on December 6th. An awesome shade of blue that's just a bit greener than a robin's egg.

And lastly, a revised picture of the eggy bounty, now with all three girl's lovely treasures.

Buffy's first was small, but first eggs often are. They certainly don't match her size. On the other hand, the darker egg top row middle, next to Buffy's first, in this pic is Coco's from yesterday. It's so large (Jumbo) that it barely fits in the carton - and she's our smallest hen!

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