Monday, June 15, 2009


One more row of staples and it's done!
Avivah inside the new coop...

Then we went to pick out our new chicks. On the left is: Coco (Shokolat, an Isa Brown), bottom middle: Roxie (Rock Star, an Aurcauna) and on the right: Buffy (the bug slayer? A Buff Orpington).

Their initial brooder, a plastic bin, was green. I decided that moving it by the window and that having a clear bin would be better for them. They have a heat lamp, but sunshine is important too.

The chicks were all hatched on June 1, making Sunday their 2 week birthday. To celebrate, and because they were handling the temps well, Joshua and I created a play pen for them to go outside. Their first outing was only about 20 minutes, but they loved it!

And YES! Joshua really did graduate High School, and Avivah really was here for the occassion. :)

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