Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goodbye to Friends

It's been a rough several days here. Last week we lost our dear WingMom and Snail-Mail Queen, Betty. She was valiantly fighting liver and pancreatic cancer and developed a lung infection that unexpectedly took her from this realm overnight. I know every other mom and dad in that group feels a profound sense of loss at Betty's passing. I have sent messages to her husband Russell and her son James, but there really are no words to convey what a giving and amazing woman Betty was. She will be missed by Airmen and Air Force families around the world.

Then this morning I was notified that a long time friend of mine, Sandi Spike passed. Sandi and her husband Doug helped found the group that T sings in, Cantate. It was Sandi who really had a heart for reaching out to people, she remembered everything about you and you knew right away that this was a woman who cared. Sandi and Doug moved to Florida several years ago, but Doug always managed to send just enough e-mail (usually bad jokes and an occassional update) that you never felt that far away. I was stunned to hear of Sandi's passing. Next Saturday there is a Memorial service, though I will be unable to attend. Cantate will be singing her 'home'. How appropriate.

Add to these losses that my wallet was stolen from my car late on Thursday night and I have been in credit card fraud HELL ever since, and it's been a bang-up week. SARC!

I promised myself that I would do my best to relax this weekend. So far so good. I'm going to hang out with my BFF this evening. Been way too long since we've done that. G'nite.

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AirmanMom said...

lea...Betty's passing was so very sad.
I am sorry for the difficult week you have known. My prayers are with you for strength through this challenging chapter of your life.