Monday, August 3, 2009

Family News

I only have a minute this morning, so I'll just 'Show & Tell' you....

On Sunday, my sister and her SO, Mike ("boyfriend" sounds too juvenile)and my nephew Hunter, flew into a small local air strip on their way back from Oshkosh, WI where they had been camping for a week at the annual AirVenture show. The first time they had really spent any time together was at this show three years ago and it's been a yearly trek for them since.

Back then he was just beginning the building of his plane. Yesterday it flew in all shiny and painted and... wow. I give you ~ The Slinks! (and Pops and Mom too)

Yes, Slinks. Their cat's name is Slinky, ergo the plane... and logo...

Slinks is a two-seater, so my nephew hopped a ride in their friend Bill's plane. It was really cool watching them both land. Mom & Pops, Julie & Bruce, Hannah & Tillie and J & I went to greet them.

Hunter will be staying here in Michigan for a couple of weeks, but Karen & Mike had to fly back to Maryland and work on Monday. Our time was precious but everyone was hungry so we spent a couple of hours lingering over brunch.

Lots of smiles and stories later ... Karen wanders over to me and in passing shows me her new bauble...

ZOMG!!! (I think I squeeked.) Mike proposed during their time in Oshkosh!!! While in the air!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Karen & Mike!

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