Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning Encounter

As I sat outside enjoying the breeze and cooling temps last evening (after a humid 93 degree day) a thunderstorm approached something fierce! Before I went in the house, around 8:30 when the winds really kicked up, I had to close the coop door for fear that the girls would freak out at the driving rain, lightning and thunderclaps. Usually I let them decide when to come and go from the coop, leaving the door open all night, but no choice this time!

So this morning as I trod out with their morning feed and fresh water, I opened the coop door and greeted them as they ran down their ladder for more space and outstretched wings. I try to spend some time every morning out there communing with them and the garden. It's calming to see them peck and scratch and I love the new sounds they're making and trying out as they grow.

After a minute or two they calmed down to their usual cluck and peck and I turned to check out the garden. Tomato plant looks good and has already provided 10 lovely Romas. But wait, something moved over there... To the north of me, about 40 feet away, were two yearling deer!

I stood still just watching as they lazily grazed on wet grass. Then the one closest to me laid down right there. And there it sat as I moved slowly about my morning garden check, each of us keeping an eye on the other, but not showing any sign of worry or fear. It was a lovely moment.

I may not feel tied to this house with its limits and many physical woes and needs, but I am deeply connected to this patch of earth, for oh so many reasons.

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