Sunday, November 23, 2008

Joshua and Tom

We have a second hand building/home supply store as a part my office and, because of the BIG SALE set for Saturday 11/28 and balancing days off, they knew they'd be short-handed this past Friday.

Joshua wrapped up his first trimester of finals on Thursday afternoon and happened to have Friday off.

Coincidence? I think not.

Ergo, Friday became "Take your kid to work day" for me ~ and I couldn't be more tickled. I got to show him where I work and he got to participate in helping out in the store and, by extension, helping families who need affordable housing.

In the process he also got to feel what it was like to work a 9-5 day, he earned community service hours and got filthy dirty! And did I mention, he had a good time too? He did.

If it works out, he may be returning this coming Wednesday. Heh, if she's home and I can draft her, I may commandeer his girlfriend for some data entry too! Of course, that would mean that I would spend a small amount of energy keeping them each focused and apart! hee-hee

On another subject entirely...

My friend M gave me a birthday gift on Saturday (he works in OH and wasn't home on my big day).

I was so excited when I opened... a TOMTOM!!!

Lest you think me frivilous, you have to understand that I work in an area that is almost completely unfamiliar to me, and that I need to be off-site on a pretty regular basis ~ in parts unknown. I need to arrive on time and looking composed. Not utterly frazzled from being lost in urban blight areas or corn fields, both of which are entirely possible.

Thank you M! Now I can putter about with relative confidence. Put in the addy and off I go. :-D

OH! And in setting it up, I downloaded a few little gadgets too...

MY TomTom will find, or tell me when I am near, any IKEA, AIR FORCE BASE or STARBUCKS in North America!!!

Address #1 (after "Phone Home") is Minot AFB. Ahhh, my traveling Jones has help. Now I'm REALLY DANGEROUS!

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