Saturday, November 8, 2008


ok, catch up... but still ;)

The Me Report ~~~

Work has been hectic for me for the past 10 days or so. We have a big event approaching like a freight train and we're all doing everything we can to keep it on track. It's kept the phone glued securely to my head for days on end and I nearly lost my voice one day last week, but the effort is proving to have been worth our while. I love what I do and the people for whom I do it.

In the midst of having a bad day last week, some a** kicked up a stone on the freeway and it smacked the corner of my windshield. The bullseye crazed immediately and so, I will need to have the windshield replaced really soon. Sheesh!

The Joshua Report ~~~

Last week found him in the dentist chair having an emergency root canal which was the result of having a cracked tooth. He survived "the chair" just fine. Filling is scheduled for Monday afternoon. Other than that we discovered that he needs all 4 of his wisdom teeth out. Joy.

Only a couple days later he came home from Explorers touting a new title: Corporal Thomas! Yep - the kid now has rank and leadership responsibilities in his Police Explorer group. Proud mom moment!

Last night I attended opening night of the school musical, Anything Goes, for which Joshua is the Stage Manager. Staging-wise the show was flawless. Yay kidlet!

The V Report ~~~

Apparently the 10 day long inspection went very well for her shop, but the process has her exhausted. The kind of exhaustion when a week off to sleep and recoup would do you a world of good, but you can't take it, yanno?

Last week I was talking to her and she had me looking up COUNTRY songs that she likes. I mean gimme a break - the kid left here NOT a country fan at all. I'm chalking it up to the exhaustion.

She is loving some weekend down time playing RPGs and D & D with her friends and assisting in the general digging out.

What's that you say? Digging out?!

YEP! Minot got 6-8" of blowing and drifting snow last week. Winds like 70mph... and snow up to V's knees! The roads were icy and treacherous and you guessed it - she was called on to help dig people out of ditches, parking spaces and homes. Her friend Alex even invited people over for hot cocoa if they'd help dig the car out of the snow drift - in their own driveway! LoL

I think that about does it for the ketchup. I'm happy to have a night at home to recoup and do laundry. If you know me and that sounds a little unusual to you, you know how busy I've been lately! Currently I'm wading through Joshua's room grabbing towels and strewn clothing for the wash...

I'll make a fresh pot of coffee if you want to come help. I dare ya!

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Nelson said...

Airman Thomas
Corporal Thomas

Is there a trend here?
HAH! Congrats to all.
I'm proud of you both.

Then, YIKES!
Digging out is coming for us isn't it?