Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello World!

Yep, I'm alive.

This is what happens when I burn the candle at both ends a bit... something's gotta give. This time it was sitting leisurely and writing here. Sorry!

Time with "da kid" (J) is one of my top priorities. Last week we stayed up late several nights, just hangin' out. Sometimes even with the TV on too. LoL Last night we went for coffee with some friends, but he wasn't feeling well. This morning it's an upset stomach and headache so I'm taking some time to see how bad it gets, see if he needs a Dr. or a Mommy - and writing here.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and fun. Mom, my SIL Sharon and I contributed to the feast that my sister Julie prepared. She made the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and a pie that was to die for. Mom did salad and apple kugel (also to die for). Sharon brought more pies that were OMG good.

Here at the ranch Joshua and Sam made the Cranberry Salsa. Sam baked my Caramel Apple cake recipe (she did well!) and I made the easiest, most delicious cornbread recipe ever. Everything was just delish and the kids - 17, 15, 10, 9 & 3 - played and laughed and had fun.

Until... the little ones decided to play.... HOUSE! Here's where the after dinner heart attack happened.

Mom, Dad and three kids!?

This I can handle... LoL!

And then there was this... OY! Be still my heart

Ok, they were the most adorable things ever, (and they got a real kick out of me choking and fainting dead away on the floor) but I'm SO not encouraging this quite so quickly! Sheesh!

There you have it... I'm back and will, as always, post when I can and have anything of interest to say.

Thanks for reading. ~L

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AirmanMom said...

Welcome Back! Looks as though some great memories were made!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...