Friday, December 12, 2008


In order to keep the blogworld apprised of my relative whereabouts before I go POOF! rather than wondering where I am...

Today is a full day of work ~ and I'm really happy about that!

Tonight's plan is for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert with Joshua and two very close friends of mine. It is the second day of the opening of Leonard Slatkin's term as Director. It marks a change that I hope will be a positive one for the DSO. Slatkin's bio is incredible. He is witty, brilliant and world recognized (how we got him here I'll never know!!)

Although that's amazingly good news, it's not the main reason we're going. Slatkin chose to open his tenure here with my ALL TIME FAVORITE PIECE ~ Carl Orffs' Carmina Burana. Yep, timpani and choir and soloist - all in vast multiples! I'm so excited. And it's going to be a late night. Being a weeknight they don't drop the baton until 8pm. Did I mention I'm excited??

Hey, my license plate says: OH 42NA
I'm a total GEEK for this!

Saturday afternoon will find me holiday shopping with the masses (Yes Hannah & Isabel, I still need to get you something faboo!), plus I need a pair of jeans. Saturday evening I'm out partying with friends. Sunday I promised myself I'd sleep in, and then later I'm seeing friends that are driving up from Ohio.

If I live through all that ~ look for a blog from me on Monday morning! Until then, know that you are loved and that your Airman is always in my prayers, as I know mine is in yours. Enjoy the day and the weekend...

Brightest Blessings,
~ L

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