Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Medium

There is a happy medium... or I'd be happy in a "Medium" - which ever!

Anyways, there is a happy medium between the weight I was almost two months ago and thin. It's called healthy.

I'm not anywhere near my goal yet, but I'm actively working on it. I figure if I post it here the chances of me sticking to my goal are greater!

So far my clothes are starting to fit better, but my work slacks are getting a little baggy-looking. That's a repercussion I'll have to work on... changing size can be expensive in 'better' clothing.

What am I doing? I'm drinking a lot more water and limiting my coffee and diet soda intake as well as the "white death" of our time: processed flour and sugar. I keep more regular hours and sleep my needed 7 hrs a night pretty regularly (unless something has me wound up, which happens).

My office is in the process of seeking out a new larger building. I keep saying that one of the criteria is that I need a really big office or a room for my treadmill... and would a large washroom with a shower and lockers be too much to ask?!

I am seeking a gym that's conveniently located but still not sure that I can afford one that's got good trainers who know how to deal with my back, good quality equipment and enough of it for all, is clean and bright (with showers and lockers) - and my last qualification: other people there as heavy as I am or more.

Of course, I've never cared much for being stagnant, but now I do it even less. Heck, even when I'm relaxing I get up and do things that need to be done. Last weekend I cleaned a neglected part of the kitchen, tidied up my plants and moved things around a bit... between hanging out on the computer and watching TV with J! I'm simply much more content doing or being out and about (that's: Oot and Aboot in Canadian) with friends and family.

The Germans have a saying that roughly translates: "The slim sapling grows into the thick oak", implying that this is a desirable and beautiful development, in women as well as in men. There is no comparable expression in English. In America, the tree of choice appears to be the lodgepole pine. (thanks for that, E)

As I said, I'm aiming for more healthy, not thin or lodgepole pine-esque. Thin is not a realistic goal. Healthy is... Active is... More fit is...


AirmanMom said...

Sounds to me like a perfect goal!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Nelson said...

Did an american just make fun of our use of the english language?!
Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

How is it going? I joined LA Fitness and have been working with a trainer. I have been at a stall for a couple of months so need to kick it up a notch so thought the trainer was the way to go. I am noticing a difference in my tone, but the weight is not changing.

Lea said...

Hey Michelle,

I'm doing ok. Still have yet to find a gym that's convenient at a reasonable cost. I drive enough for work to want to go out of my way for a gym.

I'm still losing pounds and inches, and sticking to my low carb lifestyle. So far so good.

Maybe the toothache diet is helping?