Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is what the roads looked like as I drove yesterday...

And what's a Michigan snow storm without a 10 car fender bender extravaganza? (There were 10, but they didn't all fit in the pic - and I was trying not to be #11!)
btw: this was not the only car I saw facing the 'wrong' direction. It was a common theme.
Made it home safely, but had to shovel the garage door clear. I think I just stood out there and watched as it snowed fluffly clouds of flakes on me for at least half an hour. I find it positively entrancing to watch each flake float to the ground, glinting in the house light and land silently; fitting invisibly into a maze of fragile geometric points.
Now you can see how deep it is. 8" or more and still falling at 7pm...
The patio table ~ in the deep midwinter glow of the moon and the kitchen light. 1am
I'm not even sure how much we have on the ground, but it's deep, and crystalline white and beautiful.

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