Monday, February 9, 2009

After years, finally

J and I finally started a project that's been waiting YEARS to happen. This is ridiculous really.

He's been asking to paint his bedroom since we moved in more than 7 years ago. Problem was, he wanted to paint it BLACK and I just wouldn't do it. Call me a stick-in-the-mud but it's just too hard to paint OVER black after you've outgrown it... and we all know he would have outgrown it quickly! So I said no, and no and no for years.

FINALLY he changed his mind! He wanted an "industrial look" so, said he, a shade of grey would be cool on the walls. I can go with grey! At first it was a deep charcoal grey - just a bit too much for me - then it was a pallette of greys from dusky to nearly black.

In our ReStore I asked one of the girls to keep her eye out for a gallon of grey paint - any shade. If it came in, I wanted to see it. It did! One full gallon of a darkish grey, latex base and eggshell finish. PERFECT!

I bought it and brought it home for approval - He liked it!!! Of course that was Winter Break. The kid was too lazy and too busy hanging out with friends to get the room prepped, and so it sat. Until this Saturday!

All the sudden we'd decided which wall to begin with (we're only doing 2), moved furniture, washed the wall, spackled a couple nail holes, taped the edges and voila - PAINTED!

Half way through the day I got called away and J'd had enough, so we stopped, we were like two geeks - hanging out in his room literally watching paint dry! I ran an errand and we went out for dinner together.

It seems so simple, so trivial, and of course - how much longer is the kid gonna live here is also a question, but hey; he's happy, I'm happy and the room is not black. Compromise is a beautiful thing.

Next weekend we'll do the other wall. Pics to come!


AirmanMom said...

Woo-Hoo! I look forward to the pictures! When John left home for USAF, I chose to paint his room grey for the 'industiral' look as well. I painted one wall a graphite shade and the other walls a much paler grey. Ikea had great choices for the furniture, tada...the room is exactly what I had visioned!
Truly, you proved once again...a little patience goes a long way!
Good job!!!!


Di said...

Ah memories... of when you guys first moved in and I helped paint the kitchen :-)