Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Why, on week nights, am I always hungry for dinner at inopportune and awkward times?


Michelle said...

It just happens! So tell me, what is this diet you are doing? And How is it going?

I had lost about 15-17 pounds from Jan to May last year and then jsut could not get anymore to come off. No matter what I did. I would lose 1, gain 2, lose 3, gain 1, etc. Even after joining the gym and working with a trainer I was still not losig any. Finally started on Jenny Craig 4 weeks ago and am very pleased with the results. 7.4 pounds as of last Monday. My original goal is another 7 pounds but that could change to 12 if things continue to go as they have been. Let me know if you need any support. I am here for you!

Di said...

Does it matter when you eat dinner? What is dinnertime, anyway? In Europe it's 9pm! That's bedtime for me. I'll eat anywhere between 5-8pm depending on when I get home, when I squeeze in my run... but I think it's okay to eat dinner any time... or, just grab a light snack if you aren't ready for a whole meal?

Then again, your diet plan may have you eating at specific times, which I would when say ignore everything I just said.

FYI, my favorite health and fitness blog these days is Swigg's, http://skwigg.tripod.com/blog/ She's awesome...