Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uber Yummo

I find it somewhat amusing that in the space of one week I have attended my very first (and likely not last) Lenten dinner AND made Latkes for the first time this pre-Pesach season.

In case you're wondering, I make a WICKED LATKE! These had all kinds of veggie bits in them and were a part of Joshua's breakfast. (I can't eat them on my diet, though I did make myself one - the size of a quarter. Yummo!)

My latkes...

J, for his first time, made Chicken Soup, complete with his own handmade fluffy, delicious matzah balls and random pasta. To round out his uber-Jewish feast, J wants to make Fried Matzah later in the week.

I wonder how he's going to feel when Passover arrives and the dietary restrictions are imposed instead of voluntary!?

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Nelson said...

AWESOME! We had perogie saturday at my in-laws house. MMMM! I ate the last one today. More next weekend! Are you interested in coming to Canada this weekend? I'm hosting a bonfire drum circle in Kingsville. It's about 40 minutes once you cross the bridge. here's the link to details