Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was recently reminded that people actually read this... even people whom I haven't seen in a ton of years. (HI, TM!) I may be blogging with no obligation, but an update seems like a reasonable thing to do. And what's an update without pictures?!

On Feb 18, we met V at the airport with a huge welcome home SIGN!

This be the girl!

Then it was off to her favourite restaurant (Olga's) to visit with family. How the kids all ended up on the floor I don't know.

I love this pic of my two...

We were off to a conference the next couple of days and no pics were taken. Everyone was so busy!

V spent Monday and Tuesday running around seeing people, visiting her high school, her bf, her former employer, and we took the time to cook together too.

Tuesday evening the boys had a pre-festival concert to sing so V and I met up with Auntie Julie, Hannah and Tillie for dinner.

Gaze upon the adorableness!!!!

I think it's love.

Wednesday was all mom time. We went out to breakfast, ran errands, laughed and hugged a lot. She packed her things, spent some time with Joshua when he got home from school, and we were off to the airport.

If it wasn't for my beloved AF Moms and Dads I never would have known to ask for a gate pass! We did, and they were given.

Lord, it was hard letting her go. I kept a stiff upper lip until she turned the corner on the jetway, then there were tears. Joshua, bless his soul, gave me a huge hug and started reciting to me all the things I had just told V: "It's ok... you have a life of your own... I am so proud of you... Your work needs you..." Funny thing is - it worked. Now of course I wonder if it worked on her!

If all goes well she will return at the end of May for Joshua's HS graduation. I'm already looking forward to seeing her again.

More soon. I'm off to work.
* long time no post


Di said...

I love this post!

I emailed your old aol account but it occurs to me that it might not be active anymore. Can you email me an updated address??

Nelson said...

It was really great to see you at convo, too bad we didn't get a chance to chit/chat. I'm a DAD!