Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ever get a hankering to do something and not be able to stop thinking about just doing it - even though it's really impractical?? I used to think that bungee jumping sounded like one of those things. But ok, sometimes the hankering is wrong.

Lately I haven't been able to stop my inner "Traveling Jones". I was raised on road trips. Hey ~ I was raised in the Motor City, folks! I love to road trip. I crave road trips. Singing in the car. Seeing the sights. Playing license plate bingo. Pillows in the back seat. Watching the scenery change out the window.

My family used to drive everywhere. Mom and dad piled us girls in the car and off we went to: Florida, New York, Maryland, DC, Wisconsin, Ohio, northern MI.

The tradition continued with my kids as we traversed from AZ to MI and back by car, camping all the way. We took them to every city of any interest in AZ, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah. When you live 80 miles from anything ~ every jaunt is a road trip! We took camping or cottage vacations in Interlochen and throughout northern lower MI. *sigh* I mean, what's Michigan without the obligatory road trip to Call of the Wild???

I even road trip at destinations to which I fly! When I went to England my BFF drove us to Wales, London, Nottingham and Keswick. On choir tours we either bus or fly to our destination, but then it's coaches everywhere. Some of the most incredible driving I've ever seen has been our coach drivers as they navigated the narrow winding roads of New York, London and Wales.

For the past few years most of my tripping has been short distances. I drove to Columbus, OH alone for a conference (4 hrs), Went to Toledo with V to see a fave band together, went to Cleveland with a friend (3 hrs) to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. But that's about it. (insert pouty-pout here)

I need a road trip! And I'm jonesin' for it... bad. Case in point: Yesterday on the way to work all I could think about was to keep on going! Destination? Yesterday it was Delaware.

Where would I usually end up? Some days I have a list of destinations in mind (Minot, ND and Gaithersburg, MD feature high on the list), others it simply doesn't matter. I'm the crazy woman who wants to see the world's largest ball of twine, Cadillac Ranch, and The Crazy Horse monument. And look out AF Moms ~ I want to see your wonderful smiling faces... in person!

There's just something about being in contact with the ground that makes me feel like I am THERE ~ wherever there is.

You never know. One day, after I have new tires (hopefully soon), I might just end up on your doorstep. But really? I may just honk and wave from the car as I go by!

BTW: I was prompted (even more) to write this post by ShaysMa, who is chronicling her cross-country road trip adventure with Shay as I type. **Jealous!**


Di said...

Why would you want to stop at Gaithersburg when DC is just 45 more minutes south?!?


(Help me out here Sharon!)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the plug. Shay and I had a wonderful time. This past week we have been working in my brothers house (he is sick) and made 2 loads to the dump and 1 to the goodwill. We saw many friends and now it is over. She has reported for duty and I am waiting for my shuttle to pick me up. By midnight (hopefully) tonight I will be home and getting into bed. And shay will be 3 hours time difference away and all the way across the states. I say head to Minot. What is it, about 19 hours? Piece of cake. We have driven over 4500 miles since Oct 18th.

Shar said...

Hmmm to each their own. However, I agree.. Gaithersburg Vs. DC. Crazy woman ;)