Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let Them Eat... PIE!

At the moment, Joshua would like to think that I exist to sell...
yes, delicious, fabulous, PIE - one of nature's perfect foods - on behalf of his HS Choir (to travel to and pay fees for competitions and tours. And yeah, they're that good.)

SO! If you live near me and want to order PIES that will arrive in the two days before Thanksgiving so they're FRESH for your holiday table...

Here are the details.

PIE comes from heaven, and these are no exception. They're made by the angels at The Grand Traverse PIE Company.

Available in: Cherry ~ Apple ~ Pumpkin ~ Lakeshore (think bumbleberry, all from Michigan. Their most popular PIE.)

PIES are $15 each with no limit on the number of PIES you can order.

Orders and payment (cash or check) are due by Oct 29th.
Checks can be made to: Groves HS Choir

That's all for now. Look for a SkyWatch pic compliments of V tomorrow. It's a pretty one!

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