Friday, October 3, 2008

SkyWatch Friday

Happy SWF! This is J's friend Ryan as he begins to rapelle down the three story Police Training Center tower. The sky may be dark, but it counts!

I'm not sure if this will work, but it's a video of Joshua rapelling - starting by turning upside down just perfectly - off the same tower.

Joshua is an amazing kid, and I'm tickled that he's taking a liking to this group and the police work they teach. It opens a world of opportunities to a young man who is very intelligent, but wants a really active job.

And YES! The video works! Look for more now that I know I can do this. Believe it or not they are 15 second clips from my phone. LoL


I made it through yesterday ok, even if I had to take a breathing [read: nose blowing] break every now and then. Got home just after 11pm and fell dead asleep.

Tonight I get to go to my very first Detroit Red Wings game. Excited! And tomorrow morning is an event for work that I've been helping to coordinate. I'm happily busy!

~~ TGIF! ~~ (even if I do work this Saturday)


Debbie said...

I could never do that! Great photo.

Nelson said...

GREAT Form. Looking very cool!