Monday, October 13, 2008

Story Time

Once upon a time, on a day early last week, our sweet and virtuous Airman Avivah was at work. Airman Avivah is very good at her work. She is well liked and respected. On the other hand, she can be "one of the guys", too.

This particular work day, a note of alarm was sounded as a herd of

wandered blithely across the flight line. This was not good. Not good indeed.

"Oh No!", cried Airman Avivah and her Wingmen, for they were concerned for the safety of the deer and for their beloved airplanes.

Suddenly there were airmen out on the flight line trying to "shoo" the frightened deer, who really only wanted the delicious grass on the lush, well-mown open fields that the USAF creates.

One poor creature must've been devoid of a sense of direction, common sense, or something, for she, like several football players of blooper fame, ran the wrong way. The thicket of barbed wire and fences that surround the far end of the 'line' was to be her final foible.

Springing to action, our heroic airmen, knowing that shooting a gun on base would be the wrong thing to do, ran for the private weapons lock-up, where Airman Cody produced his beautifully crafted

"I can't." Said Airman Cody, "I'm afraid I'll miss and she'll be in pain."

Seeing his concern, and knowing that our doe was out there terrified and potentially making a bloody mess of her carefully tended flight line, Airman Avivah took the bow from his hands and said bravely, "I'll do it."

This was a remarkable fete as our darling princess has been target shooting on a range, but has never picked up a bow to take aim at live game. Ever.

She took out an

and fitted it with a special
She steadied herself, exhaled and drew back, taking very careful aim... and in one perfect shot, the frightened deer was felled.

Airman Cody and the others rallied around our triumphant heroine. "HUZZAH, for Airman Avivah! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!"

Those with more experience than she (which is none) showed her how to hang and prepare the doe. This is the point in the story where she chose to send her mother a picture of her first kill.

Isn't it precious?! Just what you want to see when you open your phone and note that it is a picture from your beloved daughter, right?

Well her open-minded mother was surprised, but took tremendous pride in her daughter's (ahem) accomplishment, and was clucking proudly about it to anyone who would listen - and not be grossed out.

Later in the week the airmen would feast on venison to their heart's content.

They will always remember the day their colleague, a 5'1" female, inexperienced in bowhunting live prey, nokked her arrow and took aim at a frightened doe, and single-handedly cleared the flight line.

The End


AirmanMom said...

Girl Power!
Great story, thanks for sharing!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Nelson said...

I never did THAT in the army.

but seriously

OMG! Does she get a stripe or a badge or something?

Spiral said...

Hooray V's accuracy!

ARGH for dead deer pics first thing in the morning!

Gorillakidsitter said...

Go V Go!!!!
I'm jealous...all that yummy venison.....

Happy Oktober

Constantina said...

Go V!!! She rocked it! That is a pretty awesome story :) I hope she saved the pelt to remember forever...

... Many years ago, my dad felled a doe using his car. We feasted on venison for months afterwards.. I still have the pelt.