Monday, October 6, 2008


I may get behind in recording my thoughts here, but I'm not behind in living them so, no apologies!

Friday night was a great time at Joe Louis Arena where the Detroit Red Wings beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-3. The most fun? I went with a Leafs fan! We chanted "Let's go Red Wings" and "Go Leafs go" in perfect opposition. LoL It may have been a pre-season game, but it was my first Red Wings game and I got to watch Franzen score two big goals. I had a blast!

Saturday morning brought an event for work my colleagues and I have been preparing for a while now. We were there early fussing over every detail. In the end it went off very well. Here are a few pics...

The tent as food arrived...

The house...

The family...

I don't, and likely won't, write too definitively about work here, but you can infer, or you're welcome to e-mail me and ask. Rest assured, I love what I do and the people for whom I do it.

After the event I came home to NAP!

The cough from my cold is still here, my inner ears are still itchy and I have this lovely little wheeze when I get in cold air or breathe hard. In light of that I went to my friend's house Saturday evening and spent over an hour in their hot tub! Sheer heaven. The humidity and bromine really helped my lungs and the hot water relaxed the day's stresses away.

Sunday morning brought another trip to the Farmer's Market in Birmingham. This time J and I started with a breakfast (we oogled over last week) of freshly made stone ground wheat and oat waffles with rhubarb, elderberry and other delicious jams. I got a steaming cup of fresh, fairtrade coffee from a vendor named Cheeky Monkeys Bistro, and we ate sitting at a picnic table with other locals.

I wish I could find a website for Cheeky Monkeys Bistro (the only one that comes up is the wrong one in a different city). Marti and Alex, the owners, are wonderful people and we had a great chat.

This week's farm market gleanings included four new perennials, all of which Jand I planted yesterday, a cabbage that must have relatives in Chernobyl it's so abnormally huge, onions, peppers, acorn squash, and raspberries for snacking on while we shopped.

I got so excited about this ginormous cabbage that I HAD to make my moms recipe for Miracle Soup. Search though we may, neither Joshua nor I could find the recipe. All the recipes online called for soup mix and are not the one mom always made. So I called mom, only to find that she's got the same nasty cold and cough that I do (and her hubby too). :( She couldn't find her recipe card for it either! We put our stuffy heads together and came up with what we thought would work. Feel better, mom & pops!

Joshua and I went grocery shopping (for the first time in almost a month) to get - well, everything! - and a couple more soup supplies. Once home I chopped and simmered and seasoned to my hearts content. The resulting soup is simple but divine. Perfect for October meals. I fridged some and froze some. I suspect it has too much fresh cracked pepper in it, but I can't taste much these days so I loved it!! LOL

By the evening I'd just about 'cooked' myself for the day. I curled up next to Joshua and we watched two episodes of House before it was bedtime.

I'm happy to have today off to be home and rest. I have things to do but I can do them in my own time and I find that relaxing.

I hope it's a good Monday for you.

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