Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chicken Bloggin'

For some odd reason, Chicken Bloggin' sounds like something the Muppet's Swedish Chef would make!

I just found this on youtube and really like it. It's a more compact design and more covered/secure than the last "chalet" style (the raccoon smorgasbord).

Give this a look-see and let me know what you think.


Debbie said...

Just browsing around looking at your chicken coop ideas! This one appears to me to move around, hence easy cleaning! Once it's moved, you can rake up the mess and throw away.

Now you got me thinking....

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect little tractor for the three that you want. I love that it moves around.
-- Now on to chicks --
Maybe consider getting a buddy or two to help you raise the 6-9 that the group would like.

In the early days of the chick's life, they thrive when they are close and warm. It's more efficient to raise 9, than 3 (in terms of energy). Raising 3 is just like raising 9, and most responsible sellers will put a minimum 6 (cash 'n carry) or 25 to ship.

I know - you're on coop design. :.)