Monday, May 4, 2009

Choices, Choices, And...

Coops and more coops.

The Stagecoach. Neat! Says it's "predator proof" (a huge plus), but I'm fairly certain the roost roof is metal. Too hot/cold for Michigan's highs and lows. Plans for building - $30. I'm not so sure this novice should be working with that amount of sharp metal!

This is ok. Seems sturdy and functional. Not as terribly expensive ($350-400) as some I've seen. Metal roof would have to be replaced with a lightweight, not as hot material. Needs a secureable pop-door too. 12' long. Wonder if it could be made 10'? Best part? It's made for me and delivered. Bonus!

I like the look and all-in-one nature of this, but the ($10.) plans left about 632 questions unanswered. It's a pity really.

This is an adorable A-frame "chicken chalet"! It's too bad there are waaaay too many mitered cuts for my very construction skill-less self. For some reason I also think it screams racoon smorgasbord! Anyone else get that feeling?

And then this came along, and seems just about ideal. Sure, I'd have to gather/buy/reclaim materials to build it, but the size (4-5 large hens) and lockable nature of it appeals to me greatly. It also doesn't seem too complex, even for my hand-saw-loving heart. My concern is the height and clean-ability of it. (This video must've been taken early in the day - there are warm eggs - but it's not at all clean.) Thoughts?

So - what do you think? What appeals to you? What considerations might I have missed so far? How do some of these options compare to you? Speak up!


AirmanMom said...

The video was interesting to watch (loved the flower boxes), but I prefer the A-Frame style....
Let us know what you decide! Oh, and you MUST post photos!!!

Lea said...

Photos? Yes Ma'am! :)

Once I make up my nervous and fickle mind!