Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remember The Family Circus?

You know, the cartoon strip family antics drawn by Bill Keane, with Billy and Jeffy... It's always been one of my favorites.

Well there was one little-known character that he drew who happens to live in my house. She's a mischevious little spirit named: Ida Know. She had a sibling named: Not Me. Get the picture?

Here she is running away from a mess "she" obviously caused.

This is another illustrator's idea of the antics for which Ida and her brother must be responsible... Today, I discovered that Ida Know (or her brother, Not Me) left bleach/peroxide spots on my only 6 month old, gorgeous, plush and delightful burgundy and grey bath sheets. Yep sheets. The big ones.

Did I mention that these were the most luxurious towels I have ever owned? That they were like a little spa moment when emerging from a hot shower and wrapping yourself in their cushiness?

Well, they're gone now. Can't be dyed because I wash them so often that no amount of dye would restore their rich coloring. Can't ever be anything close to what they were only weeks ago.

And no one did it. Not that it matters all that hellfire much. Ruined is ruined, and no amount of "my bad" can fix it. It's just that the blank stares and "I dunno's" just irk the heck outta me. How can you not know you've used a peroxide or bleaching agent? How?!

I know they're just things, and things come and go. But I will miss my relaxing moments, even on work days when I'm often in a hurry, when I wrapped that bit of warm, soft, simple luxury around me.

Damn that Ida!

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Di said...

You can still use them though, right?? Or did the bleach make those spots turn rough?