Tuesday, May 5, 2009

detail & debate

I had asked the designer/seller (on eBay) of the Stagecoach coop a couple questions regarding the roofing material for the coop's roost and laying box sections: Was it tough to work with? Too hot/cold for Michigan? Ok for a klutzy novice? Below is his reply.

Thanks for your interest. You have lots of options for your roofing material. In the winter you can wrap insulation over roofing area and install a heating tile on the inside wall. Thanks.
Remember, your chickens are going to stay in there only at night or when it gets real cold. I score the roofing material with razor knife then bend to break into. Very simple!

I still have to admit, the fact that he says this is virtually predator proof is really very appealing to me. He also has another pic of this with a shade canopy over it so the 'girls' can self select based on the temp du'jour.

I'm just really leery of the amount of metal work in this as well as the heat differential (normal chicken temp is 109!) causing condensation, which can prompt a host of wet-chicken ills.

Does anyone have any suggestions about this particular coop or thoughts about alternate materials for the roofs? Should I just take a 'pass' on this one and look at something different?

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Di said...

I wish I had something worthwhile to offer to this discussion, but honestly, I got nothing! ;-)