Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's up for Chickens?!

A comment my friend L left gave me pause for thought...

In the early days of the chick's life, they thrive when they are close and warm. It's more efficient to raise 9, than 3 (in terms of energy). Raising 3 is just like raising 9, and most responsible sellers will put a minimum 6 (cash 'n carry) or 25 to ship.

It's true, the seller of the Isas and Orpingtons want me to have 5-9 chickens but I'm just not prepared to raise that many. I really have my heart set on ~ and know of others who've successfully raised ~ three. Many of the smaller coops I've been researching are designed for less than 6, and as social as I know the 'girls' are, my friends' hens seem quite content.

So I ask my dear readers who live in SE MI, or even northern OH... If we raised the 6 or 9 of them together and shared the minimal costs so that they can share body heat, would one or two of you be interested in joining me on this suburban chicken journey? We could help each other build coops, do chicken-care during vacations and be a resource of suburban chicken knowledge for each other and our communities!

The movement's already begun. Come be a part of it!

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