Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Scoops!

Scoop #1: A friend of Sharon's - and therefore a friend of mine - Jon Ostrower, SCOOPED the Democratic VeeP pick (Joe Biden, for those of you living in a hole) on his B2B blog before it was announced! Yes, the facts were verified. Jon scooped it first.

Scoop #2: A new Ice Cream shop is open for business in Allen Park, Michigan, called the AP Daily Scoop! It is owned and operated by my friend and all 'round awesome woman, Sheila, and her business partner Bonnie! Read about it here and here ... and then git'cher tail over to Allen Park, MI for some ice cream!

So for today - That's the SCOOP!

1 comment:

Tonjia said...

congrats Jon!! that was one heckuva scoop!

I wish I lived close Lea, ice cream is my ALL TIME favorite food... I would check out the new store if I were close.