Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Odd Idea of Fun

Last night's choice as promised:

My gf, S and I went to the Magic Bag Theatre in Ferndale, MI to see the band Gaelic Storm!

They started late but we had a great time. The band was in good voice and great humor, as always. Fun Times! Because they went on late it made for a late night, but even that turned out ok...

This morning's plans with were with the same awesome gf! How conveeeeenient, eh? LOL

Today was demolition day for her new house so she just pushed the plans back an hour so we got some sleep first! I don't sleep all that much, and I ended up driving J to his morning committment with the Troy Police Explorers, but the thought was wonderful. Plus ~ I actually managed to take a short nap on Friday afternoon, so I was good to go!

This morning, with tremendous help from R & M, we ripped out the built in cabinets (that had multitudinous layers of paint and billions of nails anchoring them to the walls), tile counter top, cast iron sink, and 1/8" ply and linomeum flooring from the whole kitchen. You should see the sparks fly when S wields a tile smashing hammer! Woo Hoo! In fact, there's pics and video of our mayhem here!

S and R took out all the home's carpet and padding, and then dove into ripping out the bathroom linoleum and later ~ all the carpet tack strips.

Under the carpeting was beautiful, salvagable hardwood floors. Under the 1/8" ply and sheet linoleum was... two more layers of linoleum tile! We cracked up. The thought is to try to leave the two layers of tile nice and flat, and replace the old ply with new and new linoleum. Voila! New floor... soon.

I'm exhausted, but I had a WONDERFUL time demolishing the kitchen! S ~ Give me a task-list, I may be back for more tomorrow!

It's exciting to see and be a part of this 1948 pretty-much-neglected house turning into a happy healthy home for her and her family. And I am SO BLESSED to have a friend who allows me to use a hammer and crow bar to "Crush! Kill! Destroy!". Dang, that felt GOOD!

What did YOU do for fun this weekend??


Spiral said...

Check out MY'll see before & after pics and a video of me being joyfully destructive. Camera didn't pick up my "sparky" personality though!

Tonjia said...

ummmm I would like to change my linoleum in my kitchen, do you wanna come over??? ;-)