Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doodle on over there

I'm up early on a Saturday to take J to a Police Explorers event for which he is oversleeping. It's his problem, but now of course... I'm up!

Fresh java in hand, I blog surf a bit and page to page, I end up here. Organized doodles is a wonderful little blog written/drawn by Rick. He's an incredible "doodle" artist, and I encourage you to take alook for yourself.

Meanwhile... I scrolled down...

Not much makes me spit coffee out my nose.


OMGosh! LoL Thanks Rick!
Now I gotta clean the computer screen...


Rick said...

Coffee out the nose and onto your computer screen? Oooowe... No a pretty picture anyway you look at it.

Thanks for the compliment. (You were trying to compliment me - right?) And for the link to the old blog-and-chain. (Ha, Ha - Pretty funny, I just thought that up.) I'm going to have to doodle that one.)

And THANKS for becoming a follower. I question you choice of leadership, but hey, I won't complain. I am seriously, truly, honestly honored.

Thanks - Stay Tooned

Tonjia said...

you know, she can see Russia from her house! LOLOLOL