Thursday, September 4, 2008

More about yesterday

This is the update I received on the situation with the people I know who were arrested during a peaceful protest in St. Paul (video).

These people are NOT those who were 'acting out'. They were not destructive, or foul mouthed, nor were they resistant to the unjust arrests.

Jason was tased seven times on the street, while completely unresisting. We just heard from him. He's still pulling copper out of his hip from the taser gun, has a long, deep laceration in his leg that is still untreated, was beaten up badly and has a black eye, a hurt mouth and many lacerations, but says he's doing great.

Elliot, a nineteen year old who came to our camp, was badly beaten when the cops knocked him off his bicycle. They stepped on his chest, and he was coughing blood all night but received no medical treatment. The guards were calling him "Princess" and making homophobic remarks.

We heard from Jason that last night, Elliot was making noises to protest not receiving any food for more than twelve hours. Twelve officers entered his cell. Screams were heard for over five minutes. He was tasered three times, maced, and beaten, then removed and the men were told he was being taken to a restraint chair. We have heard, now, that he is being released and are trying to confirm this.

Riyanna is still in jail. When last we heard, she was okay and with the other women.

Many others have been arrested and are being badly treated and denied medical care, so please include them all in your prayers and energy. I'll keep you updated. love, S

As furious as I am?
Here are some numbers for you to take action.
St. Paul Mayor, Chris Coleman: 651.266.8510
Ramsey County Sherriff, Bob Fletcher: 651.266.8500
Complaint number, Ramsey County jail: 651.266.8989

They are all flooded with calls but I eventually got through. Other than seeing the horrifying arrest on video, we, the people, are not considered witnesses to contend their innocence or the unjustified arrests. Rather than that, I told them that Jason, Riyanna and Elliot, and undoubtedly others at the Ramsey County jail and holding facility, are being held without appropriate medical treatment or food and are being treated in ways that are inhumane and cruel.

I pray those words are helpful. What words will you use?

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