Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is government's idea of security at the RNC/DNC, each with an infusion of $50 million in federal funds to burn and having completely unchecked power.

If you don't see it, and hear the words "He's not resisting", turn it up, watch it again. Judge for yourself... as he is tazed mercilessly.

If you don't think the words "barbaric" and "uncalled for", watch the video again and again until the horror sinks in and unfolds before you.

These are people, one being tazed and another being arrested, that I know, though we have never met in person. They are well known within my community, and personally known by people I love and respect. What they did to deserve this treatment is something unconscionable, they stood up, peacefully.

The RNC is not alone in this. The DNC had its own events, though there were fewer. This is a press conference after some of the police intimidation and violence happened in a permitted park area.

Yes, there were protesters at both conventions that were violent. Some believe that you have to cause chaos for people to take note. They broke windows, slashed tires...

These are not those people.

These were peaceful protests by people without weapons. People who believe that we all, you and me and everyone, have the inalienable right to gather and speak our minds in this country.

The police have terrified a 5 year old girl, putting a gun to her mother's chest right in front of her, committed illegal search and seizure, beat an innocent bicyclist until he vomited blood, arrested a whole family as they confiscated their environmental education bus, and so much more. All because of peaceful protests, some against our government, many of them against the war in Iraq.

Lest you think this is a personal appeal, try some others. Sadly, there's plenty of them.

Say a prayer, generate some energy, light a candle, do whatever it is that you are moved to do as an American, as a compassionate human, to bring healing to these terrible scenes.

Stop the fear and severe reactions brought about by peaceful protests. Allow people to have their voice without such dreadful repercussions.

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Shar said...

I believe it. I've witnessed it. It's disgusting. Freedom? Yep, funny word. Salaam..