Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear V & Destruction Detail

Dear Avivah,

I miss you. It's been a long weekend with no word from you. And... The world is still looking at our toes. What's up?
Big smushy hugs to ya!


It's been a good weekend here. Yesterday was filled with more work on S's house. This time Joshua came with me. Nothing like destruction to get a teenage boy motivated, eh? He had fun. That's my boy!

This wasn't the "crush, kill, destroy" type that we did on Saturday, but he worked hard at pulling up tack strips from the living room hardwood floor, taking down draperies and the painted board to which they were attached. He did a great job of not scratching the wood floors around the edges while S and I pulled up every single staple with a pliers from at least two types of padding and one nasty old layer of carpet. Painstaking.

Oh! And S and I both got our first work badges of honor. She nicked her toe and I have a blister. Bring on the purple heart, we're officially workin'. LoL

The living room looks terrific (no boasting or bias there, eh?) and now it's pretty much ready for a look-see from the contractor. He'll tell us what we do next. I'm not sure if buffing and polyurethane-ing the floor or painting the walls - or something else - is the next step.

Given the work that needs to be done in other areas (gutting the bath, digging for a sump pump in the basement, taking off awnings and gutters and re-roofing...), I wouldn't be surprised if we just had to let it sit until the other things are done. Ah well... I'm in! This is fun!

And of course, it gives me fuel for my own creative juices on my house too. Eventually... some day... At least I now know that I am capable of doing the demo work. Don't kid yourself ~ with a bunch of help from my friends!

I'm off for a painful stop at the gas station and then to work. Checking my work e-mail last night it looks like my day will be very full. Love it!

Ciao for now,


Michelle said...

Sounds like you have been busy. I can't believe that you have not talked with V. I don;t think I have gone a day without talking to Shay since she has been in Tech School. Sometimes too many times a day (LOL).

So I am guessing that now that you work M-F that attending graduation on Monday is out. Do you want to meet somewhere for lunch on Sunday? Maybe somewhere in the middle. Shay and I would love to get together with you. Let me know. I also understand if you can't as you are very busy with the demolition project.

Shar said...

POLYEURATHANE!? I nearly just shat my pants. And by that I mean had a mild heart attack. With a sick child in the house? Awesome. If you must, there are companies that do it with OUT the fumes. Just my two cents which goes a LONG way :)

Spiral said...

Don't worry Shar....we'll have all the chemically stuff done well before LP shows up. :-)

Shar said...

Whew.. thanks S! My heart can rest easy. It takes a solid 30 days to dry. Good luck with your house and congrats! :)