Monday, September 8, 2008

Third time is a charm

Yesterday's time to stop and think was good, and prematurely halted when it cleared up and ended up being just gorgeous here! I had to get out and do stuff.

Joshua BBQ'd chicken for lunch just because. He's worked really hard this summer to be a good BBQ cook. It was delish! Awesome kid too, but he really hates it when I try to take a bite outta him.

I made plans to go clothes shopping with my friend V (before my discount expires) so we met at a store between our 2 homes. I found a nice pair of slacks and she found a couple of tops. We went out for a soda. Just before we parted I toyed with the idea of going to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they had an over-the-door hook for my closet (mine broke, oops) but decided that I wasn't enthused about it, so I said goodbye and went home.

Almost home, I call J. Oh heck, "Do you want to come to the Bed Bath and Beyond near us with me?" Yeah, he did. Cool. While there he found the bedding set we'd been searching for for his room! One problem - they didn't have a twin size, and wanted to charge us $8 for shipping because they didn't have it! Oh heck no. Tell me where it is and we'll go get it. Guess where? Yep - the previous BB&B. Drat. Out we went and all is well ~ Plus he got a carpet and a pencil cup. Lucky kid.

We went from there to grocery shopping. Then of course there was no room in my car for more! LoL

Home again, I find a screen name I know and love. Avivah, is on the computer in Minot! We chitter chatter. Verizon is still a problem and we discuss that. She sent me some great pics from her trip to the Minot Zoo. Great convo and lots of virtual hugs and smooches are traded. Gosh, I adore that girl.

My BFF chimes in from across town and asks if I can come look at shelf and paint chips for a project he's considering. Sure! Where does he live? a mile S of the BB&B on the other side of town. Yep, that's 3!

Oh my poor gas tank. $! Guess that means I should get my tail in gear and earn a little more. This whole having weekends off thing is still novel ~ and exhausting too. LOL It's a good kind of exhausting. :)

Have a great Monday!

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Tonjia said...

sounds like a great day! hugs to V! I find myself traversing town like you did once in a while too...