Friday, September 19, 2008

Big news at the end...

Demolition on S's house is done, thanks to a huge team of Coasties who came last week, with the exception of the roof (next weekend). Woo hoo demolition!

My gift to S and her family is to paint one room. (The demo work was a gift to me - I had so much fun!) The contractor gave me the color room he liked the least, DQ's room, which is going to be the same blue as a box from Tiffany & Co.. I like it!

I'll probably head over there after work today to test for lead and do some scraping of chipped paint (I promise to be careful). That way I know if I need to prime it in order to seal the walls and if the trim work (already white) needs repainting to make it safe too.

The real patching and painting work will be done on Monday as my weekend's already stuffed full. Good thing that I'm working part time and have some flexibility in setting my own schedule. One Tiffany blue room, coming up!

Talked to V at length a couple of times this week. Other than being dogged by allergies she's doing very well. Her weekends are stuffed full too (shhh, mom thinks they're over-stuffed).

And now for the big news... Joshua came home from school on Tuesday announcing that he's been named Stage Manager for this year's High School musical: Anything Goes. Yay Joshua! I am so proud of you! We went to my gf's ice cream shop that night to celebrate.

He may be disorganized and typical as teenage boys go, but I just marvel at the progress he's made over the past few years.

Yep, my text message tag line still says - Proud - and duly so.

Off I go - TGIF!


Tonjia said...

congrats Joshua! Lee, you guys need to take your house repair projects on the road, you could be just like Ty Pennington.

Spiral said...

Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am to know you? If not....I truly am. :-)