Monday, July 21, 2008


I had forgotten to mention, if you hadn't already noticed, that I have added V's new address. Look in the left margin, voila! As before, please only send positive, encouraging words and use this information wisely.

She can receive packages now too and is much less restricted on what can be sent.

On her wish list so far is:
Commissary Gift Certificates
Turkey Jerky
Wheat Thins - Original
WalMart Gift Cards
Maruchan Ramen - Oriental or Chicken Flavor
Clear Cup Tealight Candles - White

Her room decor is Oriental, in Red and Black with a little Gold here and there. She's anxious to get her boxes, which should arrive today, so that she has more color in her room than the notorious mismatched wood tones and graige (grey/beige, a word coined by my FIL) carpeting.

One of the things she bought that she is especially looking forward to unpacking is a pair of tiny traditional good luck cats. One is going on her desk and another on the window sill.

I already showed you the picture of her huge painted silk fan, and I am hoping to be able to share a picture with you of the big brass platter that AF Mom Cheryl gave to V. [BELOW!] It's beautiful, and will help V's room look even more "put together". One of her errands today is picking up picture hangers for both of these items. (Thanks for the pic Cheryl!)

Today J is off to his summer school class, T is away at an educator's conference (left Saturday), and I am working diligently at my new job: Looking for a Full Time Job! Later this afternoon I'll be at my current *%@#* part time job.

Speaking of which... I went to a gathering at my friend's house yesterday evening when I realized one of the repercussions of standing for hours on end, often without a break, on a concrete and outdoor carpet over concrete floor.

I had been standing barefoot for a while, and not a long while by any means, when not only did my feet start to cramp, but I got nasty shooting pains in my right heel every time I put weight on it. Now I know I need to lose weight, but this was not even putting much of my weight down at all, it was just heel pain. Ow!

I sat and rubbed it and then took to the hot tub (yipee!) which helped some too, but boy was I ticked that I would be in pain for the sake of working at this job. Sheesh.

Enough of my whining. The day is glorious, the flowers need dead heading, the garden needs some weeding, and there are better jobs out there (Gods willing) for which I will apply. Ciao for now!

Most Sincerely,

The Mistress of the Cover Letter


Tonjia said...

glad to hear Avivah is settling in. good luck on the job hunting!

Battle Axe said...

Hey Y'all.. that is NOT.. I repeat that is NOT my hillbilly sofa the brass gong thing is sitting on!
A friend took that photo at HER house! omg.. they are all gonna think that I have a car bench in my house! LOL

Battle Axe said...