Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm having an out of body experience. My heart is divided in parts and pieces.

Joshua's so sunburnt he's sick with chills and pain. The burn happened on Sunday afternoon. PLUS he's sick too. He has a fever and throat infection bad enough that swallowing makes him practically tear up. He started a round of antibiotics yesterday afternoon.

I have to hand it to him. Poor kid can't regulate his body temperature, you can't hug him because the burn is so bad, he can't swim in his fitness class because the cold of the pool sends his body into uncontrollable shivers that're pretty darned near shock ~ and now he has a Drs note for no weight lifting due to the stress it puts on his infection-weakened muscles ~ he can't sleep more than a few hours at a time because swallowing and moving both hurt, and he still hasn't missed a day of class!

I don't even know what to say. He knows what he has to do and he's doing it. As much as I want him to be able to stay home and let me baby him, we both know he's doing the right thing by attending class and participating in as much as he's able. He knows he has a big darned piece of my heart with him. (J will be home midday. I'll baby him then. *wink*)

Copper's Little Pom is back in the hospital for surgery and dialysis. Having had a child who was life-threateningly ill I understand the heartache and frustration that Copper and her family must be feeling.

These are amazingly wonderful people and I am blessed to call them part of my 'family'. Please pop on over and leave her some encouraging words, say a prayer or do whatever floats your boat to help Little Pom and his family cope with this life-altering situation. And if you need a push... There are pics there with LP's adorable smile, too!

And of course, as I type, my sweet daughter Avivah is in the air on her way to Minot AFB, North Dakota where she will be stationed for the next two years.

Yes, I shed a tear or two as I hugged and kissed her goodbye, and I'm sure they're not my last, but within 5 minutes I had text messaged her twice! Nothing but NOTHING is going to keep me from staying connected to her. Not nothing!

If, as it says over the main gate, "Only The Best Go North", then they have the right person. That person also happens to hold a huge chunk of my heart.

To all those who hold parts and bits of my heart: I hope you hold it gently.

Darn it, here come those tears again. AF Mom Susan's right. Sometimes you just cry.

Off I go to wash and fold the last vestages of our two-day cleaning rampage and do a once over on the floor ~ which I can now sweep from end to end. All told she took out 6 bags of clothes, shoes and other things to be donated, and 6 bags of throw-aways/trash. She packed 6 boxes of things she wanted, including some bedding and her winter coat/boots, and shipped them to AF Mom Peggy's son Corey (also at Minot), who has graciously agreed to accept the delivery and arrange with V to get them moved in next week. What a nice guy!

AF Mom Cheryl gave V a huge antique brass platter engraved with Chinese characters for her room. Thank you! Together with her painted silk fan and matching bedding, the room will look terrific! I wasn't sure how she was going to manage to move it, but UPS was wonderful. They had an art box just the right dimensions and it wasn't expensive to ship. Boom, and it was done.

It's time to think about painting and spiffing up the room so that we can have guests and HER here in a space that is warm and welcoming, but still feels like home to V. I can't wait to see her again. Road trip anyone?!

UPDATE: Today is an especially difficult day for the Twomeys. Please send AF Mom Hallie (yes, you're still an AF Mom!) and her family lots of supportive energy as her son CJ separates from the USAF. I know he'll land on his feet in short order, but the news is hitting the family hard right now. My heart goes out to them all.


Tonjia said...

Man what a difference a day makes, V is off to Minot and CJ is leaving the AF.

Sometimes this roller coaster ride is just not worth it.

looking forward to hearing great things from Minot!

Shar said...

(Holding it gently). I am IN for a roadtrip to Minot with you if we can make it happen! Seriously.

BlueBella said...

Big Hugs, Lea! I can't imagine hugging your baby and putting her on a plane - bless you for holding it together:)
Here's wishes for her safe arrival and setting up 'home' and to your poor sicky getting better and to you for strong heart.

Lea said...

Tonjia, I look forward to the same thing. This afternoon's text said, "Dude! This shop rocks!" LOL As far as I'm concerned that is great. :)

Thanks Shar. As soon as I have a new job secured I can tell them that I had a vacation already scheduled. I'll leave for ND in a heartbeat and return to a new job. That's my plan. Be ready!!

Bluebella, your wishes are wonderful. I share the same wish for strength with you. How you manage with 2.5 little ones is beyond me anymore!