Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thoughts on one more day

Has it really been two weeks and more that V's been here? *big sigh*

This time together has been extraordinary. Talking, laughing, planting, shopping, fave restaurant dining, movie going, birthday partying, BBQing, parade and fireworks watching, bonfiring, skating, family and friend visiting, picture taking... and we've shared a million and a half hugs too.

She went roller blading, kayaking, out for coffee with our friends, out with her friends and then there's today...

Plans for the day include: sorting, cleaning, laundry, finding V's winter clothes, packing, going to UPS and the recruiting station and loads more HUGS!

V has opted to keep her air ticket to Minot and ship her goods via UPS because I can't drive 19 hours back home alone and Joshua can't come with us on account of his summer class. The AF will reimburse her 95% so that's cool. All she has to do is file a travel voucher when she gets there. (Thanks for the info, AF Parents!) That part is up to her.

It means we're spending our day together making order out of chaos, but I have every faith in her. Besides, we'll be listening to music and singing along all the while. It's actually fun ~ albeit a sick and twisted type of fun.

In one way I will be loathe to put V on that plane to ND tomorrow morning. In another way I know that soon (after the tears have dried) I will return to my usual routine; a more open schedule, 1:1 time with Joshua, work, looking for a new job, time with my friends, and saying yes to social engagements and spending quiet time weeding and dead heading in the garden.

It's bitter sweet, to be sure.

Funny thing is ~ it feels right. She needs to embark on the next step of her great adventure and ~ as much as she and I are connected beyond belief ~ I need to get back to mine.

One quick pic before I head back to being the laundry goddess that I am. This was taken at cousin Isabel's birthday party.

Bright and beautiful blessings to you all. oxoxo, me


Tonjia said...

AWESOME pic! V is in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow as she embarks on the next leg of her AF journey.

I am so happy that she has had a wonderful 2 weeks, when does she get to come home again?

Shar said...

That is one gorgeous photograph.

Sending crazy amounts of huggage your way! You know I am thinking of you both, always and especially in this moment. The journey continues.. oh does it ever.

Debbie said...

Great photo of you two! Gosh, I remember heading to my first base like it was yesterday! Exciting! All good thoughts coming from NC for V! Why not Minot? LOL