Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sally the Camel Breaks

"What part of 'My daughter is here' do you not understand?"

I found myself thinking that more than once as I looked for the past two weeks at my work schedule. I mean, 3 out of 4 of my managers are parents too, so this shouldn't be the problem it has become, right? No.

Now remember, I work part time, retail. I went in to this job 9 months ago saying I needed one of two things... either very flexible hours OR very consistent hours. They opted for flexible. Ok!

For the time that V is home I told them I would willingly cut back my hours to a couple of day shifts per week, weekdays only. What hours did I get? On call (which I detest) 2-6 Sunday, good hours Tu & We, on call (more detesting) 12-5 Friday and on call (again) 6-CLOSE Saturday. So what part of flexible is this??

I have already resolved to go in if they need me on Friday, but I looked at the schedule and noticed that they didn't schedule anyone but a manager to work til close on Saturday BUT ME. They'll have no choice but to call me in on the last Saturday of my daughter's leave. Not to mention it's my neice's birthday and a friend's annual BBQ and my sister Karen and her son arrive for a visit - all on Saturday.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is known as the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I grabbed the schedule book and wiped out every day, with the exception of one shift on Monday morning, until Thursday (V leaves for Minot on Wed.). Which won't matter really, because if and when they call me for Saturday... I'm not going. Period. I quit.

I'll give them one more chance to change that when I call today to say that they need to find someone else to be on call on Saturday because I cannot come in, but I give that a snowball's chance in hell of working. So today just might be 'that day'.

Wish me luck, please.


Tonjia said...

what is wrong with those people anyway??

good luck Lea, how is V doing?

Debbie said...

More jobs out there...only one V at home right now for short time...Grrr what's with those people!! You're in my thoughts and good luck! Is V getting excited about her new move, well except, the leaving home again part.....

Michelle said...

You go girl!! Way to stick up for yourself. How much you wanna bet they give you what you want? If not, someone else will. Are you driving to Minot with V?

Spiral said...

Go Lea! I've quit jobs over less and (as I've learned well enough in the past 2 weeks) kids ALWAYS come first.

Just don't help her move, LOL.

Peggy W said...

Good for you, Lea, no value can be placed on the time we get to spend with our kids because who knows when we can see them again. If they are willing to lose you completely because they can't be flexible now, then you say sayonara. I called Dave's boss last Thursday to tell him Dave needed a very light schedule on Friday because Corey was coming for the weekend. He ended up ruining the surprise but Dave only had one short load so was able to spend most of the weekend with his son.
Give V a hug from me and tell her she really needs to call Corey, he wants to know who her sponsor is!
Love Ya