Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've been so busy making "V and J time" that I have been remiss in blog posting. Sorry!

I'll make up for it by posting a great pic of V that I took in our yard on Tuesday afternoon ~ when one of her "sisters", Katarina, visited from Rochester, NY.

Then later that evening a few close friends met at the local Starbucks for a beverage and fellowship. (V and the lovely lady Dee below) Later about 9 of us gathered at the house for a bonfire and roasted marshmellows! It was a late evening.

V in a field of green straws....

V and her friend Marta... awwww

V and I went to the mall today after we each got off work. She's not in the office much because she already has oh... 5 open leads on new recruits! For each one she has she works less. I LIKE this set-up!

At the mall V had her first experience with eyebrow threading (a little ouchie but wow, do her brows ever look faboo!) and she was blessed (by me) with a new cowboy hat that looks SMEXY on her!

She decided that her new dorm room is going to have an oriental flair, primarily in red and black. It will compliment her favorite lounging robe just perfectly.

V bought herself a huge handpainted silk fan for the wall and a red satin tissue box cover (really). We're going to look for a black bed spread this weekend. If we're successful we'll return to the store where the fan was purchased to get two red silk throw pillows and maybe a paper lantern or two. That'll be a nice start to creating her goal: a quiet retreat from her very busy and "Hoo-rah-guy-filled-cage-monkey" days.

Tonight it's storming outside which made V very happy. We both love thunder and lightening. Tomorrow we've set aside time for pedicures and later: Fireworks. Wahoo!


Irisi said...

yay V! yay V!

Tonjia said...

I LOVE these pics!! Avivah is so photogenic!!

OMG our two girls must be kindred spirits, Bre's room is done in oriental blacks and reds too. She decorated it all with stuff from Pier 1 and target.

ps.. check out target, they had a lot of oriental room decorations last year when Bre did her room over.

V looks so happy and content. I am throwing hugs her way.

Spiral said...

Okay, not fair!!!

I demand V time before she departs again. :-)

Hugs to you and A1C Beautiful. :-)