Friday, July 4, 2008

Sky Watch Fireworks Day!

Happy SkyWatch Friday!

Today is Independence Day here in the USA. Last night we (my family and about 20+ friends) went to see the local fireworks display. We have a family tradition of "staking claim" to the biggest hill there so T, me, V and J were first in the gate at 7! It took a long time to start getting dark but friends and family joined us in a steady stream.

Here's Dee and friend enjoying the waning sun.

Not quite yet!

OK... NOW!!! :-D

Bigger and better.....

Holy wow! We had a great time. The veritable sea of V and J's friends was wonderful to see. Good kids.

As I promised Shar, here also is a picture of the results of having V choose my pedicure polish... Would you believe Air Force BLUE??? LOL

Happy Friday, Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day, Happy Sky Watch Friday, Happy DAY!

We're leaving soon to watch a local parade. V wanted to go in her ABUs because she's so proud of them. So off we go!


Di said...

Did you go to Lincoln Hill?? That's where we used to go when we were kids. Now I just go up to the roof terrace, I can see the fireworks down on the Mall and about six other local fireworks displays! Even all the way to Old Town Alexandria! And no crowds :)

Lea said...

Yes indeed! Lincoln Hills it was.

I like your set up even better. LoL

How was the wedding?

Debbie said...

A little late here because I just got home from the lake last night. Glad you're enjoying your busy time with V!! Swim goggles LOL at Minot? Happy you had a great 4th!