Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Canada!

In honour of our neighbours to the north (and east), I want to wish you all a very happy Canada Day.
Besides, the closest big city to V's new base is either Winnipeg or Regina, so she'll be getting better acquainted with the Canadian border pretty soon!


Michelle said...

Does she have her passport yet? Got to have that to get into Canada now. How come no pictures of V getting posted. We want to see our V!

Tonjia said...

speaking of passports, does the Air Force make sure that their Airmen have them?

Bre will get hers when she is in boot camp. its a good idea I think.

Canada is a beautiful country, a must see to visit.

Shar said...

Mmmm Canada! My favorite place. And I've never been to Winnipeg.. :)

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Canada, thanks for the shout out!