Sunday, July 6, 2008


Yesterday was a slower morning for us (finally). V and I got up and decided to go get bagels for breakfast so out we went to the bagel shop and then the deli for cheeses and rugalach, V's fave. At home J had prepared the table, and together we had a delightful breakfast with our typical "no-holds-barred" conversations. Fun morning! (Sorry, I can't tell you what we talked about, as V says: That's classified information!)

For once we had no real plans for the day (other than later in the afternoon/eve). I went to the park for a walk with a friend and their dog, J vegged and V picked up a book. *sigh*

The afternoon found the three of us packing the car with camp chairs and driving an hour east to Algonac, MI, where we were invited to see V's "sister" Kat and my best gf, (Kat's mom) Carolyn and their family, bbq, swim AND see one of the best fireworks shows in Michigan! :)

(For those who are following, Carolyn and her husband are from MI, and most of their families are here, but they have moved to Rochester, NY. I'm pretty sure Carolyn and I met in 1980.)

As soon as we got out of the car we were ushered to the sea-wall to see and feed the swans. Yeppers, mom, dad and 6 signets.

Carolyn grilled and we had a wonderful bbq together. C promised to bring me some Wegman's Lemonade soda/pop next time she visits. This is her official reminder ;)

Then it was off to the boardwalk on the St. Clair river channel to secure a spot for the fireworks. After swimming in the freezing cold river, J, V and Kat joined us as the sun set s-l-o-w-l-y in the west. Why does it seem to set the slowest on fireworks nights?

Carolyn ~ taking a picture of the kids (and me)

Katarina ~ one of my "other daughters"

The sun finally set and it was time for what I know was the most spectacular fireworks show I've seen all year. I caught one shot before it needed all of my attention.

After the show we returned to the house (C's mom's) for sparklers, a bonfire and s'mores. See a theme here?! It's no wonder C and I and our kids get along so well.

After traffic cleared (kinda) a sleepy Thomas crew piled in the car for the long trip home. Both kids slept as I sang along with my iPod and made it safely home. What a great day.


Tonjia said...

It sounds like a magical day Lea. Nothing is as good as being around family and friends...

What beautiful scenery! I see a potential skywatch Friday in that fireworks pic.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend was had by all.

Lea said...

It was a wonderful day, Michelle. How's your time with Shay been?

Magical, Tonjia? I'd agree!
And yes, one shot is being saved for Friday. hee-hee! How'd you know?!